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Need prescription glasses? No worries!

When you choose your frames or sunglasses, you can also have your prescription fitted.

Our team of Optical Dispensers will ensure the right lenses fitted in your chosen frames with the upgrades you choose. Currently, we can offer you prescription Single Vision lenses for distance and reading.

The types of lenses available are standard and photochromic or transition lenses if you need your prescription glasses to work as sunnies whilst outdoors. Non-prescriptive sunglasses are also available with vibrant and gradient tints.

Our prescription selection process will help you to select lenses as per your needs and prescription.

The lenses used to make your glasses are recommended accordingly depending on your script.

The lens thickness index varies and four types of thicknesses are available to choose from as detailed below:

Regular Prescription Lenses

The Regular lenses of 1.56 index have a standard thickness and are recommended for prescriptions ranging from sphere powers ranging from -2 to +2.

We provide Free UV and Anti-Reflective coating for the Regular lenses at $35.00

Super Prescription Lenses

For sphere powers that range from -3 to +3, we recommend you to have the Super lenses for your glasses.

These lenses are thin and light in weight. The Super lenses are 20% thinner than the Regular lenses and can be bought for $55.00

Ultra Prescription Lenses

The Ultra lenses are up to 30% thinner than the Regular lenses. In other words, they are lighter and provide more comfort.

With an index of 1.67, the Ultra lenses suit prescriptions ranging from -5 to +5 at a cost of $80.00

Hyper Prescription Lenses

Thinnest amongst the lenses we have are the Hyper lenses which are up to 50% thinner than the Regular lenses and therefore give you the extra comfort.

These lenses are indexed at 1.74 and are suitable for sphere powers ranging from -6 to +6. Yes, the Hyper has the extra features and hence costs a bit extra, which is $125.00

To get these lenses, you need to provide your valid prescription and there are four ways which you can send us your prescription:

  • Enter your prescription
  • Provide us your Optometrist’s details
  • Upload your prescription file
  • Just send it later via email

Should you have any other queries or need any assistance, drop us an email anytime at

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